Vitulano and Sannio protagonists of the latest episode of ‘Little Big Italy’, the television program hosted by Francesco Panella and broadcast on Nove every Monday at 21:25.

The format – which rewards the best Italian restaurants abroad – provides that each episode will take place in a foreign city with three Italians residing in that place who each select a city restaurant. The group, together with Francesco Panella, will go for lunch or dinner in each of the three rooms and will vote on the preparation of 3 courses: the dish chosen by the person who selected the restaurant, the main dish of the chef and the desire off the menu of the conductor that will range through the gastronomic arc of all of Italy in order to test the ability of the owner or the Chef.

In Prague, in the episode broadcast yesterday evening, second place for the restaurant ‘Le Cinque Corone’ by the Samnite Carmine Mastrocinque, who at the end of the Eighties moved to the Czech capital and managed to locate a place – a few meters from Piazza San Wenceslas – to start his business. Over the years, the restaurateur from Vitulano has worked hard and transformed ‘Le Cinque Corone’ into a reference point for Italian gastronomy in the Czech capital, thanks also to the help of his children and Italian staff.

To bring Francesco Panella to know the Samnite goodness was Davide, singer originally from the Marche, who opens the concerts of Drupi. To welcome them Angelo and Marco, sons of Carmine, who today carry on the structure successfully started by their father, with the ambitious goal of reaching 50 years of business and family management. Sliced ​​with cherry tomatoes and rocket, square spaghetti with anchovies, olives and cherry tomatoes and polenta concia: these are the dishes appreciated by the three competitors and by the conductor, which allowed the vitulanese restaurateurs to score 32 total points, eight of which were awarded for sympathy and typical welcome, and thus achieve the silver medal.

For each of the three competing restaurants, in fact, all the diners voted for each of the 3 courses (except the one who selected the restaurant) giving a vote represented by 1 to 5 tokens; to this, in the final part of the program, is added the “Vote of Italianity” given by Francesco Panella (1 to 10 tokens).